Rosalie Garcia – LIFE

Name: Rosalie Garcia
DOB: 11-11-51
Race: Puerto rican
Maritial status: single
Age: 65
Children: 5
Grandchildren: 4
State Raised: Puerto Rico
State charged: New York
Will live: NYC
Charge: conspiracy to murder, selling drugs and rackettering
Sentence: life
Served to date: about 16 years
Started sentence: 2001
Priors: none
Prison conduct: excellent no incident reports, never had a fight or been to SHU
Clemency status: filed direct
Supporters: my children
Institution: MDC Brooklyn
Accomplishments: earned GED and I have been programming ever since i got here to earn points


I appreciate you trying to help me i also gave this information to Vicky Law and if you need any other information let me know. I have recieved over 90 certificates if you would like to see something let me know and you can get in contact with my unit team and i will give them permission to send it to you. I know i have a violent casde but everyone deserves a second chance i’m not a monster or a murderer. Yes i did sell drugs to support my children life was to hard i had no education at the time and i couldn’t get a job. I was with the wrong man, wrong neighborhood, and the wrong people in my area I take full responsibility for my wrong doings noone elses. I thank God that jail saved my life and i would like to come out and start over by making it up to Jesus and my family.

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