Quentin Adams – LIFE – Received Clemency

Quentin c. Adams #30519-044
dob: 6-11-77
age: 38
children: 4 in toal 1boy and 3 girls
sentence: life
release date: none
started sentence on: 6-15-05
served: 12 actual years
priors: 1st degree robbery and 1st degree assault in 1994 when i was a juvenile, in 1998 possession of controlled substance, in 1999 second degree drug trafficking
prison conduct: i have an exemplary prison record, in that i have received zero incident reports
institution: f.c.i. greenville
supporters: a big family, CAN-DO Foundation
accomplishments in prison: i have completed numerous programs since my incarceration,i have gain my g.e.d. and it alot to name right now but if you need them all i will gladly send them to you
clemency petition status: Granted

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