DEA AGENT SPEAKS OUT: Told Not to Enforce Drug Laws In Rich Communities

Drug Laws Not for the Rich!

John Vibes for The Free Thought Project has written an amazing expose on the truth about the War on Drugs, per DEA agent Matthew Fogg who is now speaking out about details that CAN-DO has been saying for years about drug laws and their enforcement.

“‘You know, if we go out there and start messing with those folks, they know judges, they know lawyers, they know politicians. You start locking their kids up; somebody’s going to jerk our chain.’ He said, ‘they’re going to call us on it, and before you know it, they’re going to shut us down, and there goes your overtime.’”

Read Vibes’s excellent piece DEA AGENT SPEAKS OUT : We Were Told Not to Enforce Drug Laws In Rich Communities to learn the ugly truth about the war on drugs.

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