Lavonne Roach and Ferrell Scott in Raw Story

Lavonne Roach’s mother needs a liver and cannot survive much longer – will President Obama reunite this mother/daughter before it’s too late?  Tana Ganeva writes about Lavonne’s desperation to see her mother and Ferrell Scott – serving life for marijuana – who was denied clemency in…Raw Story. 

raw-story“Amy Povah, who runs the group CAN-DO Justice through Clemency, writes over email, “I have over 270 emails from prisoners who are flooding me with questions, fears, concerns; my phone is ringing off the hook with family members desperately wanting to know what more they can do,” she says. “We’re becoming dysfunctional due to the hysteria that is reaching a crescendo—I just pray President Obama is going to deliver a big list of grants soon.”


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