LaShonda Hall is a perfect candidate for clemency – what went wrong?

The Guardian Angel Program was designed to help prisoners seeking clemency.  We have a team of volunteers, or “Angels” who communicate, one on one, and advocate on behalf of an applicant, and that doesn’t stop in the event they are denied.  In fact, when a worthy clemency applicant, such as LaShonda Hall is denied, we think you should know about it.  That’s why we made this video. We’ll let you be the judge as to whether LaShonda Hall’s clemency should be granted.

LaShonda Hall’s denial was also featured and quoted in Glamour Magazine:
One woman who got a decades-long sentence because of a man is 35-year old LaShonda Javon Hall. She’s served 8 years of her 45 year sentence and she just found out she’s been denied clemency. “I was just denied clemency and I’m sure you can imagine that I was crushed considering I fit all the criteria to be eligible to receive it, not to mention I am very deserving of one as well,” she writes Glamour.

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