Kindland focuses on pot prisoners Craig Cesal and Michael Pelletier

CAN-DO provided Kindland reporter, Aimee Kuvadia with the cases of Craig Cesal, Patricia Albright and Michael Pelletier as potential subjects for the following article. Craig Cesal became the anchor story and both Patricia and Michael are profiled therein.  Read the entire story on Kindland

“The conspiracy statute is the most evil tool in the Department of Justice toolbox,” says Amy Povah, a former drug inmate who was granted clemency by President Bill Clinton and now runs the nonprofit CAN-DO, an acronym for “Clemency for All Nonviolent Drug Offenders.”

She continues: “The reason we have one drug bust after another gone wrong is because they will go on the word of a person who’s tweaking on meth. We need to get back to legislation that nobody can be convicted on testimony alone.”

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