Kelly Denise Wallace

Name: Kelly Denise Wallace 33169-077
DOB 7-23-73
Race: White,
Age: 42,
Children: Brittani-25 Shelby-23 Kourtney-22 Steven-20 Grandkids Tristyn-almost 4 Payton-3 and one on the way her name is going to be Paisley,
Charge: Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute Meth-22 year sentence, Money Laundering-20 year sentence, run concurrent
Length of Sentence: 22 years
Sentenced: February 10th of 2000
Started sentence: 1999
Accomplishments: I got my GED, Got a certificate for Business Vocational training, Worked in Unicor and got all different kinds of job training for 7 years, still work there now,
Started Tarrant County Community College Business Certificate, I’m at Bryan FPC,
Clemency Status: Received a letter in August asking for permission to look at my file to see if I qualify for CP14 and they can give me an attorney and haven’t heard anything else.
Prison Conduct: Clear conduct, never been in any trouble, model inmate, try to always do the right thing, Great work ethic, and all excellent work evaluations.

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