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Josephine Ledezma and Rita Becerra featured in Fusion Op Ed by Jason Hernandez

Jason Hernandez wrote an Op Ed that was published in Fusion on 1/15/2016 entitled Why hasn’t President Obama granted clemency to a single Latina inmate? about the lack of any Latinas receiving clemency from President Obama.  Indeed, to date, there has not been a single Latina to receive mercy of the more than 20,000 applicants and 184 lucky recipients.


We are pleased that Josephine Ledezma #4 and Rita Becerra #10 on the CAN-DO Top 25 are Women Who Deserve Clemency are prominently featured in this Op Ed that urges President Obama to include more Latinas in his next batch of clemencies.



Amy Ralston Povah

Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.

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