Holly Frantzen – Serving 16 years 8 months for Nonviolent Drug Conspiracy

Holly Frantzen #54447-177
Race: White
Martial Status:  Divorced
Children:  2
State where I am from:  Texas
State indicted:  Texas
Will release to:  Kentucky
Trial or pled guilty:  pled guilty
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute a controlled substance
Length of sentence:  16 yrs 8 months
Served:  7 years
Started sentence on:  6/27/16
Release date:  5/10/31
Priors: manufacturing of controlled substance, evading arrest; Holly was a drug addict and engaged in wrongful behavior.
Prison conduct:  Exemplary
Clemency status:  Pending
Supporters:  Parents Weldon and Diane Wyckoff, Daughter Johnna Frantzen, son Devin Wyckoff, sister Kelly Grother, grandkids, best friend Ted Tarr, Fighting 4 Freedom; CAN-DO Foundation
Institution:  FMC Carswell Fort Worth, TX
Accomplishments:  Apprenticeship in plumbing, Award at work for plumbing,
Drug classes,
Discipleship program,
Health Issues:  Pacemaker, difibulator, scoliosis, ADHD, depression, and anxiety

Why Holly deserves clemency in her words:

My journey of rehabilitation during my incarceration has compelled me to believe that there is hope.  Prior to my incarceration I traveled a dark path of drug addiction.  I was convicted on a conspiracy case with the intent to distribute a controlled substance.  This resulted in a sentence of 16.8 years in federal prison.

     My abuse of drugs and barely surviving in addiction, has destroyed my life and any potential opportunity towards a loving relationship between my children and family.  I have worked  diligently in repairing the broken bonds in my past with total success.

     My rehabilitation has been an integral part of my healing and recovery.  I have made a personal commitment of devotion to my personal growth and betterment.  Today I am more focused on becoming a positive productive member in society.  I plan to participate in my community as a volunteer.

     Over the past 5 years I have gained a massive amount of support from my friends and family, rebuilding my relationships of importance.  In my wake of struggle to redeem myself at a second chance to succeed beyond measure.  I have made progress and now have a deeper appreciation for the qualities in life that have assisted me in achieving my goals, one step at a time, slow and steady.

     My road traveled has been no walk in  the park after suffering a near death experience of cardiac death.  It required my ability to learn patience, perseverance and change.  These experiences enabled me to perceive most things in life with a much different view from the inside out.  I have searched and found that I have yet to achieve my greatness, and I have little time to impact lives.

     My accomplishments have been never ending.  I have made every effort to excel in regard to taking the necessary steps needed in my journey of rehabilitation.  I have completed a host of courses in drug treatment programs the BOP offers.  My biggest challenge is to complete my apprenticeship for the plumbing program.  I plan to gain productive employment while being a journeyman in plumbing.  I am passionate about the needs of our youth that struggle with drug addiction.  I would like the opportunity to become one voice of many to support and mentor our youth of today, through my own experiences I am confident that I can apply myself generously to impact their lives in a substantial and caring way.

     Today we can never change nor revisit our past mistakes, we must live in the current moment, because tomorrow is not promised.

     If my clemency is granted I will be residing with my elderly parents.  I want to be able to assist them in their well being.  They have been a tremendous positive light and foundation in my life.  Always supporting me, inspiring my growth and rehabilitation.  It is time I do the same for them.  I would reside in Louisville, Kentucky.

     All I need is one sincere leap of faith to get me through and grace in the form of clemency.


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