Edward Atencio – LIFE

Name: Edward Atencio
DOB: 03/06/59
Age: 59
Race: Hispanic
Raised: Albuquerque, NM, USA
Tried: District of New Mexico
Will live: Albuquerque, NM
Charges: Count 1: Continuing Criminal Enterprise and Aiding and Abetting
Count 2: dropped in appeals court
Count 3,4,5, and 6: Maintaining a Place for Distribution of controlled
Substance and Aiding and Abetting
Count 7: Possession with intent to Distribute more than 50 Kilosgrams
of Marijuana and Aiding and Abetting
Count 8: Transportation of Money derived from a Criminal offense
or Intended to be used to Promote or support unlawful activity and Aiding
and Abetting.
Count 9: Criminal Forfeiture.
Length od Sentence: Life with no Chance of parole
Sentenced on”Jan/12/2005
Served:15 Years 3 months
Priors: No prior criminal convictions
Prison Conduct: No disciplinary write ups what so ever
Clemency status: I was denied clemency by President Obama  and I have not applied since.
Release date: No release date
Supporters: None at this time
Health issues: I had open heart surgery on June 21/2011 to replace an abnormal heart valve, since then I’ve nave been
Hospitalized twice once for chest pains and for A-fip “Abnormal heart beat or irregular heart beat” and I had to have my heart electrically shocked into a regular heart beat twice and thesecondd time I wasHospitalizeddwass for A-fip plus a racing heart
best, and I am waiting to see when they will take me out againbecauset my heart is in A-fip again “irregular heart beat”
Accomplishments: I have earned my GED, I’ve completed the 500 hourchallengee program, I’ve completed the Threshold program which is a 9 month program, plus I’ve completed many classes drug classes commitment to change, law classes
I’ve about 65 to 70 certificateincludingg Bible study certificates.
Faith base: I am a Seventh-Day Christian.

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