D’Shanna Randall – 45 years – NOW FREE due to First Step Act

Name: D’Shanna Randall #50745-083
DOB: May 10th 1970
Age: 49
Children: 1 Karen Leigh Jimmison
Charge: Possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine
Sentence: to 49 1/2 years, with 2 pt reduction 44 years 7 months
Release date: January 24th 2037
Started Sentence on: November 17th 1998
Served: 22 years
Prison Conduct: excellent
Accomplishments in Prison:

 * Graduate from college course offered by Marist College,
* Completed Horticulture 1300 hours course,
* Learned greenhouse maintenance,
* Floral design, and indoor and outdoor landscaping,
* Complete 2082 hour Landscape Apprenticeship while tutoring other students enrolled in the course for over 8+ years.
* Taught GED as well as other ACE( adult continuing education) classes in Horticulture for the Education Department,
* Responsible for writing and submitting the curriculum for classes.
* Taught a “Living a Productive Life While Incarceration” course.
* Learned various skills to enhance job skills such as waxing, stripping and buffing floors,
* Planning and organizing events,
* Stock and inventory accountability,
* Maintained a job with Trulincs system to assist staff on maintence of computer system.
* Completed several health related classes to help make healthy eating choices, and reducing health risk.
* Completed several Job Fair Information workshops.
* Learned photography.
* Learned how to speak Spanish fluently,
* Mastered a sewing machine and skills to sew numerous products. 
Also took classes that would assist me on being a better me such as:   **Domestic violence abuse,
**Bible study,
**Victim impact,
**Suicide prevention.
Institution: Aliceville in Alabama

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