Connie Farris’s story in The Marshall Project

Christine Thomson of the Marshall Project reached out to the CAN-DO Foundation for compelling cases of compassionate release applicants in federal prison, seeking relief under a policy that is almost always denied to worthy candidates, even if they meet all the criteria.  We connected Christine with a number of people, including Connie Farris.  Christine gave Connie a platform to share her heart-wrenching story as told in The Marshall Project and published in collaboration with Vice.

Caring for my Sick Husband From Prison

by Connie Farris as told to Christine Thompson

When he was in his sixties, my husband Rex was diagnosed with Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, a slow-moving disease that erodes the muscles and has no cure. By the time I went to prison in 2011, Rex’s health had begun declining, and I was extremely worried about how he would get by without me. I was his only caregiver.












Now it’s gotten worse, and he can barely walk or lift his arms. Without me, he’s alone—we have no children, no other family, and we can’t afford a nurse. I just imagine him sitting there, 24 hours a day, not having anyone to talk to except me when I call him.  read the rest of the story…

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