#CANDO Facts: Federal BOP Incoming Mail Policy

There is a lot of misinformation flying around about why federal prison facilities are changing the policy governing incoming mail. The CANDO Foundation was made aware of the change in this policy back in October of 2017.  This is not something that just popped up recently, however, more and more prisons are adopting this policy which is why the rumors are re-ignited about “why is this happening.”  We purchased holiday cards with white envelopes for this very reason and still, some cards were returned.  Sadly, there is no one uniform policy so we suggest you check this FACILITY LIST to determine what the rules are at the Institution you will be sending mail to.  Below a sample of the first page on the facility list.  We don’t like the new policy, and believe it’s overkill but at least there is a reason for these changes. (continued below)






















Many new rules are being implemented and we will do our best to keep you informed with the facts.

People have been sending the drug K-2 into prison in various forms.  It can be hidden under labels, or sprayed onto the paper and then smoked once it is delivered to the prisoner.  We even have a family member who told us about their son doing this, and many news outlets have reported fatalities linked to K-2.  Links to those stories are provided below.  Here is an email we received from a well known author about his son who smoked K-2 in prison.

Amy, “the stuff you’re talking about is K-2, and they need to stop that stuff because it will kill you…they spray chemicals on paper and mail it in or they figure out how to do it themselves…believe me when I tell you, smoke that shit enough and you will be in the insane asylum…but evidently they have no way to test paper coming in, so it’s become the biggest problem in the BOP today…they tear the paper into little pieces and smoke it like weed…(name deleted) had a guy near him when he was in Beaumont smoking it and it literally sent him out of his mind…I told ____ I hoped he’d gotten his fill of that life and hoped he’d come out to live his life being the man he should be…

News stories about K-2 fatalities in prison facilities:

Miami Herald: Record number of inmates died in Florida prisons last year. And they died younger than past years.

Arkansas Times: More state prison deaths linked to K-2

News Observer: In NC prisons, synthetic marijuana has emerged as a deadly threat



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