CAN-DO Founder, Amy Povah’s radio interview archives, plus 2 part radio interview with Kerry Reynolds for KMUD

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Kerry Reynolds hosts a weekly show about Cannabis News and requested an interview with CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah for what she hopes will become an ongoing series about people serving 10 – Life for drug non-violent drug cases.

Following headlines, this episode is devoted to an interview with the President and Founder of Can Do Clemency, Amy Ralston Povah. This CCN Episode could possibly be the final broadcast on KMUD-FM, pending the outcome of a KMUD meeting scheduled for next Wednesday. But CCN will continue to broadcast weekly on KPFN-FM and KYBU-FM. You can also find CCN on our new in-development website Canconnews.com, and we’re on the Facebook Page Cannabis Consciousness. Enjoy the show.

Part 1: Cannabis Consciousness News #53 – Interview with Can Do Clemency Founder Amy Ralston Povah

Most Federal prisoners are behind bars due to conspiracy charges, many which depend solely on testimony from co-conspirators who have everything to gain from testifying against them. This week CCN airs part 2 of an interview with the president and founder of Can-Do Foundation, Amy Ralston Povah.

Part 2: Cannabis Consciousness News #54 – Interview with Amy Ralston Povah of Can-Do Foundation

On  Amy Povah was interviewed by Dean Becker of Drug Truth Network

Title: Cultural Baggage Radio Show
Date: 09/11/15
Guest: Amy Ralston Povah
Organization: CAN DO Foundation
Year: 2015
Length: 29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)
Format: Mono 44kHz 64Kbps (CBR)
Amy Ralston Povah of CAN-DO foundation on need to pardon hundreds of women caught in drug conspiracies, Matt Elrod and Alison Myrden report on Canada’s back sliding drug laws

Amy shares her insight with regard to the prosecution of drug cases in the U.S.  Listen to the interview, and/or access a copy of the transcripts. 



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