Bobbi Jo Wing – LIFE

Name: Bobbi Jo Wing
D.O.B: April 12th, 1980
Race: Native American
Marital Status: Married
Age: 36
Children: none
Grandchildren: none
State Raised: Montana
State Charged: Montana
Will release: Billings, Montana
Charge: First Degree Murder
Sentence: Mandatory Minimum Life sentence without the possibility of parole
Served to date: 11 yrs.
Started Sentence: October 2005
Priors: None
Prison Conduct: Good conduct all 11 yrs. Mentor Celebrate recovery program and Prisoners Assist with Service Dogs (PAWS)
Clemency Status: Pending, was submitted in April 2016 by private lawyer Attoreny John Cline, San Francisco, CA
Supporters: Appeallant Judge Richard Clifton wrote a seperate opinion for the outcome of our appeal filed.
Institution: Federal Correctional Institution Waseca Minnesota
Accomplishments: 5 yrs. experience training service dogs for the prison program PAWS who partners with Can-Do-Canines New Hope Minnesota I am currently still active in this program as a mentor/tutor.
Facilitator of Celebrate Recovery classes that are held 3 times a yr (4 month program completion)
Choices program where we share our stories with the public tours, college or highschool students who come to the institution and share our message of change and how to make better choices.

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