Barbara Pacheco – 20 years

Barbara with her husband

Barbara with her husband

Name: Barbara Pacheco #05776-030
DOB: 12/26/1958
Age: 61
Children: 1 son – Jay  1 daughter Samantha 5 grandchildren – all girls.
Race: White
Charge: Conspiracy to Deliver 500 grams.
Served: 14 years
Sentence: 20 years
Sentenced in: 2006
Release Date: 07/04/2025
Priors: Petty theft and Possession of Firearm – due to raid that yielded only 1 bud of marijuana. Cops were so mad they took the antique decorative pistol off the wall and charged Barbara for a firearm.
Incidents: Role Model Inmate
Insitution: FCI Victorville


  • Interfaith class
  • Job Readiness
  • Completed RDAP drug classes
  • Aids awareness
  • Health care
  • Money smart
  • Rpp management
  • Beginners Wellness
  • Caretaker of the ladies in wheelchairsBbook club
  • Stress health coping management
  • Resume writing professor teaches office
  • Ace class
  • Customer service class
  • Thresh hold class 6 months
  • Job readiness class
  • Ace moneystart
  • Basic spanish
  • Basic math class
  • Professor teacher
  • Weight management class
  • Beginners Diabetic class
  • Nutrition class for camp
  • Talking with your Doctor class
  • Beginning Watercolor class Anatomy class Camp
  • Money smart 3
  • Stress, health. and coping management class

According to Barbara:

I grew up fast in a family of five girls and one boy – my father was a drinker.  At 15 I was dating a guy 26 years old. I was smoking pot and doing drugs, by 17 I was selling pot and became another statistic. Just another drug addict. I got pregnant and stopped using. Then, I got busted a couple of times for 1 bud of marijuana and 10cents of crank in a raid…minor drugs. In 1998, my house was raided and they found an old 1886 gun on the wall that was a decoration – it had a Sombrero and 2 sconces and didn’t even work! Still, they arrested me for a “felon in possession of a fire arm.” In 2000 I was accused of selling an ounce to someone working for the cops. I took a plea on state charges and served 4 years vowed to clean up my act when I got out in 2005. I worked hard, moved away and got married to a wonderful man who never had been in trouble in his life except a DUI. He is 68 years old now and misses me terribly – we are perfect for one another, so happy, he was like a dream come true for someone like me. We lived in Seabec Washington until 2007 when my past resurfaced.

Shane had worked for my company, D ad B Trucking off an on and got fired for not showing up to work. Suddenly, he calls and wants money for an attorney. I told my husband “No – that life is long over with.” The next thing I know, the feds come to Washington and arrest me for charges dating way back to 1999! He also said that I sold him drugs in 2003, but that was impossible because I was in prison in 2003. Although it is true that Shane dated back to my drug dealing past, I had already done time in state prison, had turned my life around in 2005 after I got out of prison and now this…
When Shane got arrested, they told him if he gave testimony of other people he would get time off. Because I would not help when he called asking for money for an attorney, he lied and gave them me.

I tried to explain this to my attorney that we could prove some of his allegations were not true, but he said I didn’t stand a chance because of my priors, that if I went to trial I would spend the rest of my life in prison if I didn’t take a 20 years plea. He wasn’t even interested in trying to defend me. I so regret accepting his advice, but I had no where to turn. I felt cornered, took the plea and then hung myself.

An officer saw the bed sheet through the door. I was in a coma for five days. They told my husband I would never by the same, would never talk or read or anything, swelling of the brain.

I believe God saved me for some reason. I spent 945 days in Polk County fighting my case. I’ve been in prison for 7 years now and still have 10 years to go. I deserve a chance to finish the wonderful life I had created with a man I love and respect and who loves me in return. Barb

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