Angela Reynolds – 23 years for drug charges

Name:Angela Reynolds  
Race: White
Marital Status: separated
Age: 41
Children: 2
Grandchildren: 0
Indicted in: Arlington, TX
Will release to: Sherman TX
Pled: Guilty
Charges: Conspiracy to sell a controlled substance
Sentence: 22 years and 11 months
Served: 8 years on November 13th.
Started sentence on: November 13, 2015
Release date: 5/24/2034
Priors: 3-Possession 4-200 grams, 2-Poss. under a gram, forgery of financial instrument
Incidents in prison: None
Rehabilitation: I have taken many programs (approx. 87 or more), Completed the House Keeping Apprenticeship, Earned a Diploma through Stratford Career Institute for a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist and I have been one of the 12 women who live in the dog rooms for the puppy program since June 2021. I was a primary and raised Tracker V who just turned into advanced training at Canine Companions on August 11th 2023. I also work as the Clerk here in recreation.
Health issues: High Blood pressure and I take medication for depression.  

In Angela’s words:

I am 42 year old woman with 2 children that I love and miss dearly. I am fortunate that they are so forgiving and understand my past struggles with drugs and toxic/abusive relationships. I have not been there for them like I should and I know its all because of my poor decisions and lack of self worth. I want to see my youngest graduate high school and my oldest get married. My father is 72 years old and I don’t want to lose him while I am in here either. 

I have been incarcerated since 2015 and was sentenced to 22 years and 11 months by Judge John McBryde in the Northern District of Texas for conspiracy to sell meth. In that time I have found myself and done everything I can to get to the mind space I am in now. I worked my way to the Carswell Camp in Fort Worth from FCI Aliceville, Alabama to be closer to my children. I have taken over 80 classes, completed the Housekeeping Apprenticeship, and the Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist course through Stratford Career Institute.  But my favorite program by far has been working for Canine Companions. I raised a dog named Tracker and he has gone on to advanced training to be paired with someone with disabilities who needs him and I fully believe he helped me as well. He gave me a purpose in prison when I thought I didn’t have one. While raising Tracker I have been allowed to leave the prison with my boss and take him to many places like Target, The Fort Worth Stockyards, Downtown Water Gardens and we even went the Canine Companion facility. 

Now, I am beginning a new apprenticeship called Office Management and working as a clerk in recreation. Honestly I believe that during my 5th year I was ready to go home and now I am starting my 9th. I have no doubt in my ability to be successful at anything I put my mind to. I do believe I needed to come to prison and see the error of my ways but I don’t believe I deserve to be incarcerated for almost 23 years.

My youngest son has been sleeping on a couch at his aunts for years because she has kids of her own and just not enough bedrooms. I left him when he was 8 years old and it’s been a burden I carry in my heart daily. He needs a home with a room and his own space. I cant even imagine how he must feel being on the couch while the other kids have their own rooms. He has a little area where he keeps everything I have made for him all the crochet items, pictures, cards and letters I have sent him over the years. Every time the 15 minute phone call or video visit is about to end he says “awwww” and it breaks my heart. His father is not around to even try to be a father to him.

My oldest son is going to be 24 years old and he is engaged to be married. When I left him he just turned 16 years old and I only got to teach him to drive one time. When he got his first car he made sure it was while I was a video visit so I could at least be there. I got to meet his fiancé for the first time in person at visitation. He saw me at my worst and all I want to do is make them proud and the mom they deserve. My boys are my life and I feel like I am missing all the milestones in their lives. I want to show them I am changed and be there when they need to talk or are having a hard time. I want to go on family trips and spend all the time together I can with them.

My plan for release is going to my fathers house in Sherman TX. I would like to get a job at Amazon and hopefully train dogs for Canine Companions or another place where I can help make peoples lives better. I currently have $5,500 in the credit union saved and I will continue to save until I am release in order to get a car so I can have transportation to and from work. My father is getting older and its time for me help take care of him. I feel like clemency is the only way I am going to go home to him before he dies and I just want the chance to be the woman I know I can be.





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