Anabel Valenzuela – 32 Years

Name:  Anabel Valenzuela.
Age: 33
Race: Mexican-American.
Children: 2 sons, ages 11 and 12
Grew up: Born in Los Angeles but raised in Las Vegas since the age of 7.
Charge: Drug Conspiracy to distribute Methemphetamine and Money Laundering in the state of Hawaii. Never been to State of Hawaii not even on a vacation.
Went to trial: Hawaii
Sentence:  32 years
Served: 9 years
Conduct: Excellent
Accomplishments: I am a model inmate who contributes to this community. I am an ESL Tutor and Instruct Step Aerobics and Yoga Classes. I am involved with a Catholic Church community and am the volunteer with the services. I am one class away from completing my Associates of Arts Degree in Business.
Supporters:  CAN-DO Foundation; the LOHM, Families for Justice as Healing, family and friends.
Institution: FCI Dublin
Clemency status: Filed April 2016 -pending

There are no photos, no phone calls, no controlled buys, or surveillence of these “extreme” drug sales. There is no violence or guns in my case. All of their evidence is circumstancial based on money transactions. I basically got audited by the DEA-IRS. and that’s mostly what is against me. I was never caught with any drug amount.I was indicted with my husband. I have never been in jail, prison, or in trouble until this case.   I have maintaing excellent conduct while in prison. I program I have no incident reports.  I filled out a clemency project petition which was denied almost a year later because of my drug amount. I filed my own clemency in April or May of this year. I have not heard anything back to date. I have no supportesr but my family and friends. I have many accomplishment yet to achieve I have turned my life around I don’t think the same at all, I have matured in a way that most people do not. I value life, time, and love in a whole different sense. I want to go back to my community and reach out to kids and involve myself in public speaking about this type of situations. I have lots of plans for the future. Please let me know if you can help me in anyway. I would greatly appreciate it. God bless you!

Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.