Amy Ralston Povah nominated for Activist of the Year – Please vote!

CAN-DO Foundation’s President Amy Ralston Povah has been nominated for Activist of the Year by the Cannabis Business Awards.  As a member of the cannabis community, a few of Amy’s achievements include:

  • Produced, directed and wrote the award winning 420-The Documentary film that took top prize and won Best Documentary Feature at the Santa Monica Awareness awards in 2013
  • Sent a list of pot prisoners to the White House, as requested by then White House counsel and reported in Washington Examiner
  • Started a change.org petition urging President Trump to FREE ALL POT PRISONERS posthaste as his next act of mercy.
  • Has sent numerous petitions of pot prisoners to the White House through our sources.
  • Spoken on panels at numerous Cannabis Cups and the Emerald Cup
  • Conducted 5 vigils in front of the White House holding up posters of all the pot prisoners (and others)

Click and vote for Amy Cando listed under “Activist of the Year”   We would like to urge voters to also vote for Freedom Grow under the category of Hope Awards and Non-Profit of the Year. CAN-DO works hand in hand with our friends Stephanie Landa and Dina Browner who raise funds to put on the books of pot prisoners, which include state and federal.  This year, Freedom Grow has been chosen as the beneficiary of The Emerald Cup that will give a % of their proceeds to Freedom Grow which is critically important as this industry continues to prosper.  We cannot leave or forget out POWs who are still left on the battle field.

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