Aaron Brooks

Name: Aaron Brooks
DOB: 6-19-81
Race: Black,
Marital Status: single,
Children: 1 child.
I was born in Oakland california
I currently reside in knoxville, tennessee
I was charged with the instant offense in knoxville,Tn.
Conspiracy to posses with intent to distribute e 500 grams or more
I was sentenced to 548 months
release date 2047
1 prior conviction in Tennessee
1 write-up in 2011 at the beginning of my incarceration
M y Mother Sheleah , the mother of my son, my son, sister, nephews & nieces, & a few friends
usp hazelton level 7
i have completed 12 programs they are,
I have completed my judge recommended drug program – 8/10/15
threshold Program 5/4/16
Seven Habits of highly Successful People, 9/21/15
industrial Sewing, 5/21/12
Small Business, 12/7/14
Welding Inspecting, 4/4/15
Basic Spanish, 2/2/15
Flag Football Champion in 2014 and 2015
Beginners Chess Class, 2013
I am also a resource center clerk and facilitator who is in charge of maintaining and organizing release prep. material and organizing and facilitating classes. As of October 2016.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance at the very least. I also believe in the ten years of incarceration that I have been able to mature into a man rather than the 24 yr old that was convicted and sentenced to this offense. Since my incarceration I have programmed and read every book this facility has to offer. I then went outside the prison to start on this journey of retrospection, reflection and come out with an uplifting spirit. One that is not a bitter man but a better man.I have a son and I implore to be allowed to help him transition into manhood. To explain the obstacles in his path and help him navigate this world as a black man. I am not incorrigible nor will the world be an unsafe place if I am released. I will ensure my son and others in my community don’t follow my path. I have the experience and the determination to make a difference in the lives of young men who I may see going down the wrong path. Please allow me the opportunity at life outside these walls thank you so much

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