Remember Our Pot Lifers This Fathers Day!!!

This Father’s Day, please pause to reflect upon the fathers in prison, or those who might be a father, if they were not in prison.  It’s time to bring our POWs home.  Life for pot is a disgrace upon the principles in which this country was founded.  We are supposed to be intelligent humanitarians. Lets encourage our leaders to act like it.

Top 10 Life for Pot Prisoners

Top 10 Life for Pot Prisoners

CAN-DO believes that ALL people serving time for marijuana, should be released from prison.  We are currently spotlighting the many men serving LIFE (or de-facto life) for a plant that many are legally growing, selling and using for both recreational and medicinal purposes.  CAN-DO is launching a campaign to bring awareness to all Life for Pot prisoners and we intend to bring this issue directly to President Obama’s attention, which is why we need you to get involved.

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