Obama Visits El Reno Federal Prison – Watch His Speech!

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Obama Visits El Reno Federal Prison – Watch His Speech!

 Watch President Obama’s speech at El Reno Federal Prison and other related videos on Al Jezeera

President Obama is the first sitting president to visit a federal prison – historic moments that he will be remembered most fondly for.  Future generations will research and learn the truth about how this great nation went off the rails and allowed itself to be manipulated by politics that would result in the world’s largest prison population.

President Obama got to see, up close and personal, how 3 grown men live in a space of 9 feet by 10 feet, that also has three bunks, a toilet with no seat, a night table with books, a small sink, prison clothes on a hook, some metal cabinets – all in the room the size of most people’s closet.  This is not only shameful, it’s inhumane.

It was moving to watch the President reflect upon his own years as a youth and liken himself to many of the young men he was about to visit in this high security institution.

Obama noted, there is a fine line between president and prisoner when he said, “There but for the grace of God. And that, I think, is something that we all have to think about.”





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