Kristen Goduto – 14 years

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Kristen Goduto – 14 years

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Kristen Goduto #62799-019
Race: White
Raised: Georgia
Tried: Georgia
Will live:
Charges:Conspiracy to posses w/ intent to Dist. oxycodone
Trial/Plea: Guilty plea     
Sentence: 14 years
Sentenced on: May 14 2010
Served:  9 years
Priors: Disorderly Conduct
Prison Conduct: Exemplary
Clemency status: Pending
Release date: May 6 2023
Institution: FCI COLEMAN
Accomplishments: Many Educational Courses /Voc. training, such as Carpentry , Dental Asst And Cosmo All Finished and graduated
Numerous Supervisor notes such as “Inmate Goduto Is very Dependable & capable. She vigorously applies her self and assists We were Happy to have had” her Said Dental School   DMD.  “Goduto is an Excellent Student Always does a great job” Another DMD.

According to Kristen:

Back in 2008, I tried meth for the first time and my life spiraled out of control since then.  My drug addiction caused me to do a lot of things I’m ashamed of and wouldn’t have done had I been sober.  In 2010, at the height of my drug addiction, I began manufacturing prescriptions for myself and others to be filled at pharmacies.  I would sell the pills and use the profits to fuel my drug habit.  It was a vicious cycle and I’m grateful that I was ultimately brought to justice.  Prison has saved my life.

Since my incarceration, I’ve strived to make the best of my time.  I’ve participated in vocational training programs including carpentry, dental assisting, and cosmetology.  Upon my release, I plan to work at a local dental office who has already committed to giving me a job.  Further, I’ve participated in drug classes to help me overcome my drug addiction and assist with my transition into law-abiding life.

After serving 5 years of my sentence, I can honestly say I’m ready for a second chance at life.  I would like to go home and prove myself to my family and the community.  It’s my turn to take responsibility for my family.  Also, I would like the opportunity to start a family of my own and have children before it’s too late. I’m ready, willing and able to be a sober, law-abiding, income-earning, tax paying member of society.

Please consider my sincere plea for commutation of my sentence so I can begin to put the pieces of my life back together.
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