Keenin Dewberry- 20 years

Name: Keenin Dewberry
DOB: 3-9-1980
Age: 42
Race: African American
Raised: Kansas City
Tried: Western District Of Kansas
Charges: Count 1 Conspiracy to distribute  280 grams or more of crack cocaine; Count 2 Conspiracy to distribute 5 kilos or more
Trial or plea:  Trial
Sentence:  20 years
Sentenced on: January 27, 2014
Served: 5 years
Priors: 2008 marijuana felony. (Nothing found on his person at all just money he received 2 years probation )
Release date: 3/16/2031 
Prison Conduct: Excellent 
Clemency status:  Pending: Clemency case #C281738
Institution: Forrest City Arkansas FCI Low
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation, Fiancé, Tasha Johnson, Mother, Grandmother,
Keenin and his loving family

Grandfather, Former NFL player Neil Smith, employer Alphonzo Hodge, and extended family members
Letter offering employment

  • High school graduate 1998
  • Started a stop violence organization 5-17-2012
  • Several charity events and volunteering in the community
  • Played semi pro football from 2004-2008
  • Completed several classes including:
  • Personal Finance
  • Real estate Investment
  • Business
  • Parenting
  • Stress management
  • Buy or Lease
  • Mental enrichment

According to Keenin:

As a 38-year old man, currently serving a 20-year sentence for a One Count Conspiracy to Distribute Crack Cocaine, and a One Count Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine. After being found guilty of the conspiracy in a 2013 trial by jury, based on the testimonies of other individuals who had entered plea deals for leniency, I had no knowledge of who they were, or them knowing me for that matter, has taught me a very strong lesson in life. I have learned that I need to know my associations, and who’s around me, and have better judgment of how I view people in general. Knowing that absolutely no physical evidence against me was brought during my trial, just those statements by the individuals having a liberty interest to free themselves, has also brought me to a level of humility and decency. I hope not to be judged fro my necessity to profess my innocence by going to trial, but, my strong convictions in proclaiming my innocence is a part of my existing anguish of knowing how long I will be away from my two beautiful daughters, my fiancee’, and very supporting family.

After knowing that my stepbrother was the primary suspect in the case against me, I came to the conviction that a person is not always a picture of “who” you think they are, but, sometimes the truth comes out through other means. I pass no blame, or put any guilt upon him for my being found guilty, because I’m not one to be a judge of anyone else, I just find myself now always assessing my associates and friends much more that I have in my past.

Also, I was involved with so many non-profit organizations in my community, and had such a positive impact on those people that have always experienced the kindness and joy I have to always give back to those in need. For this reason, although I have a very lengthy prison sentence, I refuse to allow bitterness to control or consume me in any way. I have worked all my life, starting at the age of 14, because of my dear Mother being a single parent, struggling to raise me by herself, I have always understood the value of giving more than if received is always better. To say the least, I have lots of skills to survive this struggle because of my Mother, because of the various skills I’ve attained during the course of my life (i.e., 3-years as a Material Handler & Machine Operator @ the National Envelope Company; 8 1/2-years as a Production Specialist @ Woodbridge Corporation, producing foam cushions for Ford & General Motors; a Relief Specialist @ Aspen Contracting, as a Roofing Manager & Inspector for disaster repair and replacement in storm damaged areas- and receiving the Employee of the Month after only 3-months on the job; and finally, prior to my arrest as a Production Specialist @ Johnson Controls, again for the production of foam cushion seats for Ford & General Motors products). My Community Service and Volunteer Services include, but not limited to: 1) Show Me Shoe Foundation; 2) Mentoring & Empowering Foundation; 3)Lend a Hand Foundation; 4) The Know Joey? Foundation; and finally, as the Founder of my very own: Stop the Violence KC Foundation, which is now being run by my associates.

I understand something that was taught to me by one of my many mentors: “Bad associations, spoil useful habits.” This is where my experience brings me today, and, because of the many youths I have had such a positive affect on that are still out there, I am resolved in my conviction to do better each day I’m alive, regardless of my surroundings. I never allow my surroundings to dictate my positive attitude optimism, because ‘they’ “my young ones in the struggle”, deserve my best still. I hope that I can return one day soon to pick up where I left off, and continue bringing those not able to find a way for themselves, receive me again, regardless of my mistakes for the positive aspects I can bring them, and learning from my mistakes, so that they won’t have make them.

In closing, I understand the seriousness of my conviction, and what it does to communities as a whole, and everyday I sleep with my own remorse. However, I refuse to ever ‘give up’ on those that I love and care about that have dreams to be great people to others one day. Because of my desire to serve others, I hope that my foundation will be a legacy that I can leave for the right people that understand the value of giving back is “always worth living for.”

Release Plan, employment and goals: 

Keenin with fiancé Tasha Johnson

During my five year incarceration I have learned a lot from the programing classes that were offered to me. Upon my release my plan is to get back to being a great father to my two girls and a great husband to my fiancé. I will be residing in Greenwood Missouri with my fiancé and 2 children. I will be working at my friends gym Do Work Factory 2.0  as a personal trainer. I will be conditioning youth for sports and also training adults to meet their personal needs. In addition to that I will be getting back to mentoring young men in the city as well as volunteering when I can. I am all about giving back and helping others, especially young underprivileged youth. I know with the support of my finance, mother and close family I will come home and thrive. This experience has taught me a lot. I haven’t allowed it to make me angry or bitter…just better. I am committed to getting out and being the best man I can be not only for the sake of my children and fiancé, but for myself.  I plan to stay focused on my family and live my life solely for them. I just want to get home to help contribute and do my part as a father & husband. I will conduct my self as a respectable citizen giving my kids a positive example to look up. I am blessed to have the wonderful support system that I have. That along with God I know I will be successful.

With my two daughters prior to my arrest

My daughters mean the world to me and always have – I yearn to pick up where we left off, heal the suffering and kiss the scars that my incarceration has inflicted upon their hearts.  I hope and pray President Trump will find my worthy of his mercy and kindness.  He will never regret giving me a second chance because I am ready to make the most out of a life that was interrupted, but not destroyed. I just need that opportunity.

Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.