Gabriel David Gomez – 30 years for pot

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Gabriel David Gomez – 30 years for pot

Name: Gabriel David Gomez #21786051
DOB: 5/31/77
Age: 41
Race: White/Hispanic
Raised: State of New Mexico
Will live: Albuquerque, New Mexico with family
Charges: 21 U.S.C. sec. 846; 21 U.S.C. sec. 841(b)(1)(A) & 841(a)(1)(Conspiracy to Distribute a 1000 kilos or more of marijuana); & 18 U.S.C. sec. 1956(a)(1)(B)(i) & 18 U.S.C. sec. 1957(money laundering counts—casino money laundering).
Length of Sentence:  30 years
Sentenced on: 5/19/05
Served: Over 15 years
Arrested/detained since: March 27, 2003
Priors: State of New Mexico, Case No. 99-03843 (Racketeering(charge stemming from exclusively marijuana trafficking, whereby state charged me with racketeering offense); & State of New Mexico, Case No. 99-02735(Possession with Intent to Distribute(Marijuana).

Prison Conduct: Inappropriate Remarks to Staff (fully addressed in clemency petition as I can show incident report falsified by staff psychologist—well addressed in numerous forums);  destroy/dispose item-search

Clemency Status: Petition pending since Obama Administration. Submitted my initial installments of clemency petition in November 2016, with several subsequent installments of petition. Held over to Trump Administration. Supported by voluminous amount of record evidence for what are truly extraordinary grounds, based in both egregious attorney and government corruption and misconduct; and extraordinary judicial corruption and misconduct. Did and can substantiate all of it. Likely one of the largest clemency petitions currently in the Pardon Attorney’s Office. I am still waiting to get clemency case # from my grandmother. She just had cataract surgery.
Release date: 8/4/2029
Institution: FCI Three Rivers
Supporters: My family and family friend, Dr. Wood Lewis. CAN-DO Foundation

Health Issues: Recently changed to Care Level 2 Mental Health status for severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD issues, related to all the gross injustices inflicted through my case of conviction and also gross injustices suffered through my conditions of confinement throughout my incarceration. Have documented everything and am currently working on a substantial amount of administrative actions and civil litigation against the Bureau.

Accomplishments: US Conflicts class start: 4/26/2018 to 7/9/2018
Anthropology class start: 4/26/2018 to 7/9/2018
Library clerk training start: 5/11/2018 to 5/11/2018
Infectious disease prevention start: 9/26/18/ to 9/26/18
RPP Orientation/Aids awareness 11/26/2012 to 11/26/2012
Incorporations 8/9/12 to 10/11/12
Political History 8/10/12 to 10/17/12
Victor Valley College ASE Transmission Overhaul 5/10/12 to 10/17/12
Spanish 5/24/12 to 7/26/12
Universe class 5/23/12 to 7/25/12
VT Servsafe 3/23/12 to 6/15/12
Philosophy 2/29/12 to 5/9/12
Audio Install 3/2/12 to 5/11/12
Victor Valley College ASE Brakes 2/2/12 to 5/10/12
Resume Writing class 12/8/11 to 2/6/12
Interview Skills 12/8/11 to 2/6/12
RPP Psych Anger Management 12/7/11 to 3/27/12
RPP Entrepreneurial Skills 12/16/11 to 1/6/12
RPP Employment Skills 12/9/11 to 12/9/11
Stop Recidivism 8/29/11 to 11/21/11
Leadership Challenge 9/1/11 to 11/17/11
Human Rights 8/31/11 to 9/21/11
The Way to Happiness 6/13/11 to 8/15/11
Victor Valley College ASE Standard Transmissions 3/23/11 to 8/4/11
Literature 3/28/11 to 5/30/11
Beginners Spanish Guitar Class 2/5/11 to 3/27/11
Victor Valley College Auto Engine Rebuild 10/6/10 to 3/18/11
Victor Valley College ASE Automatic Engine Performance 5/24/10 to 9/15/10
Organizing for Success 5/28/10 to 6/18/10
Business Math 4/9/10 to 6/10/10
Drug Free Live Free 5/15/10 to 6/25/10
Real Estate 4/9/10 to 6/18/10
Philosophy of Scientology 4/8/10 to 6/10/10
Human Rights 5/5/10 to 6/16/10
Commercial Drivers License 4/7/10 to 6/9/10
Advanced Drawing 11/3/08 to 1/9/09
Computers/Technology Course 2/20/08 to 4/23/08
Pueblo Community College Business Technologies Courses 12/5/06 to 9/26/07(received 4.0 GPA and
Student of the Year recognition).
Microsoft Office 2000(Word, Excel, & Power Point(was also a Microsoft tutor for a period of time) 2/6/06 to 11/01/06

Parenting 7/27/06 to 9/29/06
Conversational Spanish 8/7/06 to 9/21/06
Commercial Drivers License 8/9/06 to 9/9/06
Advanced Accounting 7/6/06 to 9/14/06
Real Estate 5/10/06 to 8/15/06
Accounting 2/28/06 to 5/16/06
Small Business Start Up 2/6/06 to 5/1/06
Banking/Money Smart 2/2/06 to 3/30/06
Computer Keyboarding 11/7/05 to 11/23/05

Also Earned my GED while incarcerated in 2005. Was in the top 10% of highest scores for GED in country at time.

According to Gabriel:  (under construction) 

When a bail bondsman became entangled in my life, he used his ties with corruption in the [state] system to keep me out of state prison and return seized assets to himself and the state attorney, Anthony Ayala, previously mentioned above, who was involved with my cases. They paid off judges, police, prosecutors, and others involved with the New Mexico state system. I became aware of all these things through my affiliation with them.

Their entire scheme was to seek to turn illegal profits from vulnerable individuals like myself, who were caught up in the state system, and use them to acquire illicit proceeds, properties, jewelry, sexual favors, or whatever they could possibly acquire. They would use mob type tactics through their pull in the state system to force individuals into compliance with their demands or face such things as genuine threats of incarceration. They would continually demand more money and that I keep turning profits from marijuana distribution in order to pay them for the numerous things they would contrive. It was the type of thing that most people think is only occuring in countries like Mexico, but the fact is, that it is occuring right here in the United States as well.

I was made to continue in marijuana distribution at the demands of these state actors, in order to keep providing payments for my ability to remain out of jail. They literally had the ability to just tell judges and police to arrest you and put you in jail on fraudulent reasoning. I was told that I had to come up with more money or be directly placed in prison for up to 40 years or more. I was very young and vulnerable, and I was trapped by these powerful political forces in New Mexico, and was made to believe that I was to continue distributing marijuana or they were “going to feed me to the wolves,” as they would often say.

My grandmother, with whom you have spoken to is also aware of what I went through. She was also a victim of it. They had her make a falsified affidavit for their benefit and sign over car title, and make it seem like everything was for our benefit and safety, but in reality, it was, as I would later find out, all a part of an intricate scheme to profit off people they could find trapped by the state system.

This led to my subsequent arrest by federal authorities, where I had been involved with marijuana distribution at the constant, continual behest of these state actors, and other individuals involved by the state system, which is truly astounding and incromprehensible to the majority of average people in this country, but yet it is what occured and I can, and have, demonstrated that these are the actual facts of my case in various forums.

However, my arrest by federal authorities only further complicated and distorted matters, where they were intentionally falsifying a grand marijuana conspiracy and money laundering charges that they knew did not exist in order to primarily target my well-connected co-defendant and New Mexico bondsman, who was the only one who had any real assets or anything for the government prosecutor to seize and profit from.

I was in, and still am in, the most terrifying situation of my life, where I was under coercion and duress to continue with marijuana distribution on behalf of state actors, and was then targeted for my association with these state actors, and then have the federal government knowingly falsify charges that they actually knew I was not involved with, in order to create this grand conspiracy case and have opportunity to falsify a nearly $16 million dollar money judgment and seek to seize upon all of my co-defendant’s assets that he had acquired throughout his life, long before I had ever known him.

It wasnt that I did not get involved in marijuana on my own volition at a young age. I am not simply trying to pawn everything off on everyone else. However, I want it to be understood that the way things escalated and how it was that I finally came into the eyes of federal authorities and received the sentence I did, was just not so simple and clear cut. There were a lot of strange, highly unusual, mitigating factors that need to be addressed, and of which the federal government is also now well aware.

After coming to the very real understanding of what really occured with my assocation with this bondsman and state attorney, after my federal arrest, which federal discovery helped me to finally put it all together; and after coming to the understanding that I may receive life in prison for a level of marijuana distribution and activity that I was never actually involved with, I began to realize that it may be in my best interests to expose everything that actually happened to me, to the federal government, despite their own falsifications and misconduct, in exchange for a coopertion agreement, as I did not have the knowledge or resources to fight the federal government directly to challenge what it was they were doing, and my whole predicament, largely rested upon what these state actors did anyway, who had been taking advantage of me and my family, and I did not feel any need to protect their corrupted state system profiting schemes.

My grandmother, Maryse Gonzales, who contacted you had actually mortgaged her home for $45,000 in order to hire attorney Robert Gorence, the former First Assistant United States Attorney, who had I had been advised to hire by having her mortgage her home by my co-defendant, the bondsman(as I did not have any actual real money), after he found out that federal authorities were trying to get me to cooperate against him and lie on their behalf. My grandmother, who immigrated from France and worked as an emergency room secretary for 30-years mortgaged her home and hired me this attorney, who turned out to be completely corrupt and stole all of her hard-earned money.

Attorney Gorence was completely opposed to cooperation in any form, and told me when we first hired him, that he would never allow me to cooperate, and that if he was to represent me that I would need to agree to never seek to do this. I now know, however, that this was all designed to protect the interests of attorney Gorence, and in my case, to also protect the exposure of corrupted state government actors implicated by my federal case and arrest, which was likely why my co-defendant orchestrated me to hire this specific attorney.

After my family and I threatened Gorence with going to another attorney to help us obtain some sort of cooperation agreement, he finally conceded and said he would try. However, he wanted to hear what information I was going to provide to the government first in an attorney client visit. When he found out that I was going to be providing information into New Mexico state government corruption, which the government did actually want to know about because of my co-defendant, he then indicated that there was a potential conflict of interest, that I had named a couple of his clients/associates. I was told that these people “pay him a lot more money than I do,” and that he would have to look out for their interests, and if it came down to it, and the government did want to provide an agreement, I would have to find another attorney to represent me. However, he said that he did not believe it would be a problem anyway, because he already knew that the prosecutor and her agents were not interested in cooperating with me and would never give me an agreement.

Attorney came back to visiting a couple of weeks later and showed me a memorandum from the Department of Justice, which he claimed was signed by the prosecutor, herself, AUSA Tara Neda, that stated that the government was not interested in cooperating with me, and that the prosecutor had spoken to her agents and that none of them wanted to speak to me or hear any information that I may have, that all they had wanted was my co-defendant, Carlo Roybal. The attorney also showed this document to my grandmother and my wife, to demonstrate his alleged sincere efforts at trying to at least seek to obtain an agreement on my behalf, so I would not receive such a lengthy sentence, but that such avenue was impossible as this document proved.

To make a long complicated story short, this document turned out to be a FRAUD. It never actually came from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and this former First Assistant United States Attorney FABRICATED this document, himself, in order to protect himself and his associates who would have been implicated in criminal culpability if I had been allowed to pursue this avenue. I now know, for instance, that there were two key figures he sought to protect besides himself, which were former State Chief District Judge, John Brennan, and former political figure, Vince Peel, who worked in the corrections department. Both of these people were paid off in my state cases, and were friends and associates of my attorney. They both were subsequently charged with criminal conduct and removed from their positions. Judge Brennan was charged with drugs, along with other offenses, and Vince Peel was charged with Bribery related to his position, along with other offenses.

After the conclusion of my direct appeal, which attorney Gorence had convinced my wife to have him do for us, and that he was sincerely going to get my sentence reduced, I started to realize fully that I had been sold out the entire time. I had my wife make personal contact with the lead FBI case agent, Margaret Russin, with whom attorney Gorence had had made several threats to never try to contact the agents or prosecutor involved with my case. Upon finally contacting her after the conclusion of my direct appeal in January 2007, Agent Russin confirmed the fact that she nor any of the other agents were ever aware that I had tried to cooperate before federal sentencing and provide information into state corruption. She stated that the agents had always been interested in speaking with me, and that she was not aware of any denial that had come from AUSA Tara Neda. This is when I started to understand that this attorney had fabricated this document in a deliberate criminal act of obstruction of justice.

I ended up taking these things to the same prosecutor, AUSA Tara Neda, who had prosecuted my criminal case and who was responsible for the falsifications, along with her agents, because my attorney was her former boss in the US attorneys office, and I was aware that they despised eachother, and that if there was dirt on this attorney, that she would likely be the only one who would actually seek to have him investigated and prosecuted, as this attorney still maintained very strong ties in the US attorney’s office, and most of the government attorneys there, were his close friends and former colleagues, and would likely act to protect him rather than allow some alleged pot dealer bring him down, whatever he may have done.

AUSA Neda and two other federal prosecutors with whom she told us she could “trust” reviewed a 132 pg. document I drafted and submitted to her in January 2009, which detailed the attorney corruption involved with my federal case and how it was that Attorney Gorence and his close friend and also former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Jason Bowles, acted to intentionally obstruct my cooperation attempts, both before and after sentencing(which is more of the story), with which they also utilized their connections in the U.S. Attorney’s Office with corrupt federal prosecutors with whom they had strong ties to, to also assist them.

After we made contact with Agent Russin in early 2007, and she had discovered that I had been attempting to meet with her and the prosecutor, prior to my federal sentencing, she then set about to begin to try obtain me post-conviction relief, and to set up a personal meeting with her and the US Attorney’s Office, so I could detail, among other things, exactly what it was that occured with my pre-sentencing cooperation attempts with Attorney Gorence. The fact was, that she was still intereted in meeting with me at that time in or around January 2007, around four (4) years after my arrest in March 2003, and she stated that the only thing I needed to do was to obtain a lawyer and she would set up the rest with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

However, my grandmother, Maryse Gonzales, upon finding out that the document she was shown by Attorney Gorence was not true, decided to immediately contact him, and tell him that we had spoken to her. This attorney then immediately set about to convince her to hire his close personal friend and former AUSA, Jason Bowles. She was told that this was the “only attorney” that could possibly make this happen for me because of his personal connections in the U.S. Attorney’s Office,a nd that without him, I would be doomed. She was shamefully manipulated and taken advantage of, once again, and paid this

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