Elda Reglado – 27 years

Name: Elda Regaldo
D.O.B:  August 17, 1961
Race: White/Hispanic
Marital Status: Divorce
Age: 58
Children: 5
Grandchildren: 7
State: where you are from: Texas
State indicted: Texas (Southern District of Texas – Houston Division)
Will release to: Rio Grande City Texas,  Elvia M. Olivarez (92 year old mother) 
Trial or plead guilty: plead guilty
Charges: non-violent drug offense 50 grams of meth or more
Length of Sentence: 27 1/2 years
Started Sentence on:  December 18, 2012
Release date: October 25, 2036
Priors: Two marijuana 
Forfeitures (if any)  N/A
Prison Conduct: clear conduct since day 1
Clemency status: C265612 – Administrative Closed on April 2016 because I was challenging my case.  2255 denied September 24, 2019, staff was supposed to reopen if I didn’t get relief from the court. Staff here at FPC Bryans was not able to reopened it so they ask me to redo it. I sent it out May 14, 2020 One to Pardon Office , and one to Jared Kushner to the Innovation Office at the White House 
Supporters: Family, and children
Institution: Federal Prison Camp Bryan, Texas 

Accomplishments: Have a Business Degree, Earned a College degree as Office Office Specialist earned 32 college hours, completed  Non-Res Drug class. Have exhausted all ACE Classes, Trauma Class, QuickBooks, Business Essential, Micro word 1 & 2, Into to Accounting, Business Math, Micro Economics Macro, Economics, English 1

Health Issues: Borderline Diabetic, Heart disease Traci Cardiac, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Pulmonary disease, Asthma

Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.