Christopher Hunter – 27 years for a Non-Violent Drug Offense

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Name: Christopher J. Hunter #44200-061
DOB: 5/12/72
Race: White
Age: 48
Children: 1(SON)
Raised: Ohio
Indicted: Ohio
Will release to: Dayton, Ohio
Trial or plea: Went to trial
Charges: Count 1= 864 conspiracy 841b1a, count 2 =841b1c, count 3=922g
Length of Sentence: 27 years
Served: 15 Years
Prison Conduct: One 300 series shot for a uniform out of place in 7 years.
Supporters : CAN-DO Foundation, Lisa Jacobi, Chad Marks, Butch Dixon, (owner of Kingdom painting, Anthony Hunger (son) Shannon Arnold, Cortney Mackie, Nicole Shoryer, Hundreds of people who signed my change petition.
Institution: FCI Petersburg, Low Camp
Completed 12 hour drug program
40 hour drug program
6 month drug program
Victims impact
5 years employed at UNICOR
numerous wellness class’s
Ace class’s
Kingdom man bible study
Threshold (religious services)
Read scriptures weekly at christian services,
Weekly Bible study
4000 hour customer service apprenticeship program(labor department)
wrote an online article for
cooked for 7 years
help others with legal work

 According to Chris:
On Nov. 8th 2005, my life was forever changed. I was arrested for my involvement in a non-violent cocaine conspiracy. The federal government originally charged me with a drug crime involving 500 grams of cocaine. The government offered me a plea deal that could have resulted in a likely sentence of 10 years, however if i would agree to assist law enforcement the plea deal was 5 years. I refused to cooperate and went to trial.

 As a result of my refusal to cooperate against others the government’s position changed and I was facing charges that involved 5 kilograms of cocaine or more that enhanced my sentencing exposure.

 I proceeded to trial, was convicted, and sentenced to 420 months (35 years). That sentence was reduced to 324 months (27 years). In the end I was given what is commonly referred to as the “trial penalty”. There was no violence in the case or my past, I was not a career offender and had no Cartel connections. As a result of exercising my rights to a trial i was originally sentenced to 35 years in federal prison. If a 10 year or 5 year term of imprisonment was sufficient if I entered into a plea of guilty, how could 35 years or even 27 be ok ?

 All of my codefendants have been released and free for years. In fact adding up all of their sentences together do not equal my current 27 year term.

 Since my incarceration I have completed numerous life skill training programs as well rehabilitative programs. Most recently I have completed a 4000 hour customer service program offered through Education/Unicor & the Labor Department. I have also completed a 40 hour drug class, a 6 month drug treatment program. I’ve taken a 6 month “Victims Impact” course, Parenting and several “Ace” courses. Most importantly with my Christian faith I was baptized, completed a Bible study called “kingdom Man” and also a 6 month program called “Threshold” offered and taught by the chaplain.

 Today I am no longer the same man, but rather a man who has learned to work and who has values. there is nothing left to gain by continuing to incarcerate me but punishment. I am no longer a threat to public safety, and the biggest indicator of that is my effort at rehabilitation.

 All journeys in life begin with one small step on the path we choose towards our destination. For me I have changed my steps, and with it my hopes for a second chance to reclaim my life. A positive life.

Absent an order from President Trump granting me clemency my hope for that second chance is nothing more than that-A HOPE !! I pray he finds me worthy of this chance.

Release plan if granted clemency:

DAY #1
My immediate goal is to rebuild a relationship with my mother who has been unable to visit due to her health. I plan on spending as much time as possible helping her and taking care or her needs, she is almost 80 years old and every bit of time we can spend together is of the utmost importance

I have a number of people in my corner, “SUPPORT TEAM” consist of my 23 year old son Anthonee Hunter and his mother Shannon Arnold (see in my pictures) also good friends like Courtney Kovar, Nicole Shroyer,Donnie McConnell, and Butch McConnell Dixon has been a mentor in Christ to me and he is willing to hire me at his painting company “Kingdom Painting” the day I’m released. (see letter attached) While incarcerated i have not wasted my time i have learned two (2) valuable trades either of which will allow me to enter into the job force and immediately succeed.

In 2008 I took an apprentice class offered through Unicor in Quality Assurance training. I completed this became a QUAD and later used this certification to acquire a position at the Customer Service Call Center located at FMC Lexington KY. I was hired in Dec 2014. My training in the Customer Service Dep. consisted of learning how to talk with customers on the phone while entering their orders using “SAP”. These customers BOP workers, Military, or other Government officials. Prior to this I had no experience in customer relations or using a computer. In addition to learning “SAP”I was trained in Microsoft “WORD” and “EXCEL”, I learned to keep a log, work through formulas and create spreadsheets.

In 2015 a spot became available in the customer service apprenticeship program offered through education, Unicor and the LABOR DEPARTMENT. Only a mall number of inmates are granted entry into this program and I was one of them. It is a combination of book work,book text, and on the job work. The program is 4000 hours and because it is through the Labor Department I will have proof to show an employer. “SAP” is a computer system used by many big companies, my ability to navigate “SAP” proficiently will put me in a position to gain meaningful work almost immediate. The skills i developed dealing with customers taught me to solve problems on the spot. I have held this position for 4 years 6 months and have always had good reports. There are hundreds of “SAP” jobs available in the Dayton Ohio area alone.

The other trade I learned and the one closest to my hear was “COOKING/CULINARY ARTS on a large scale. Beginning in 2008 I was hired as a cook. I continued in this compasity either as a cook or butcher for the next 6 years. I loved the hard work. I went from opening cans and cleaning to learning how to properly sanitize, the proper heating to cooling temperatures, proper serving temperatures, what to do to keep people from getting sick. I learned how to follow recipes on a commercial scale and even created some of my own recipes. I learned how much of each ingredient is needed in order to make each entre’ for a mean that will feed between 1700-2000 people, and what all can and will cause problems. I learned to trouble shoot these problems before they arose.

This skill translated from the kitchen to the unit where men would have e cook them excellent meals. As i honed my craft I decided that upon release I will attend school for culinary arts. It is my dream to take several of my best recepits and open either a small restraunt or food truck.

 Day one I will temporarily go to work for Kingdom Painting while looking for a company that uses “SAP”. I intend to get a grant though the First Step Act of 2018 to pay for my Culinary courses at Sinclair community college and help fund my dream of owning a food truck. I loved cooking and i excelled at it.

I have another release plan, one connected to my past and newly found relationship with God. As a young boy my father was sent to prison, shortly after his release he was pulled over by police. He pulled out a gun put it in his mouth and and committed suicide to keep from coming back to jail. It was this event in my life that i used as an excuse to act out. My hurt led o bad behavior which led to problems at home, drug addiction and eventually crimes.

Even though there was NO violence in past or in my present case. Even though I was NOT a career offender with no cartel connection. Even though I was just a drug addict a small scale drug dealer who made the mistake of going to trail. Even though i turned down 10 years and was sentenced to 35 years and was given the “trial penalty”. Even though the government enhanced my sentence for amounts of drugs that today could not be used because they were never presented to the jury. Even though most murders don’t get 35 years. IM NOT BITTER NOR DISCOURAGED !I accept that drugs hurt good people. I also believe that though God, hard work, and perseverance I will get a second chance.

Once upon a time I met a man with a “I will work for food sign”. I asked him why, his response to me was ” I JUST DID 10 YEARS IN PRISON AND IM NEVER GOING BACK”. Today after 14 years served in prison i now understand what he meant. If i have to ride a bus, wash clothes by hand, whatever it takes to get to work and stay out I will do it. Luckily for me I have a good support system to come home to and have developed 2 trades BUT IF NEED BE I WILL MAKE A SIGN IM NEVER COMING BACK TO PRISON.


Poem by Chris Hunter to President Trump:

-My Heavenly Father, God of the Most High.
Creator of Earth, please heareth my cry.

-You are the ruler in the Kingdom of man.
The heart of the President rest in your hand.

-What words shall i write that can reach Trumps ear ?
help me be eloquent and speak with no fear.

-I know of no lobbyist or lawyers who cares
No Hollywood model or basketball players

-Send an Advocate forward to carry me out
I’m a changed man who’s drank of the fount

-I acknowledge my guilt I declare my regret
I’ve pointed no fingers as i pay on this debt

-No excuses of youth, broken home, or addicted
Drugs crush the community I’m ashamed i inflicted

-With that out of the way i must boldly speak real
The system is broken, NO PAROLE to appeal

-There’s no second chance, no way to explain
No way to restore or reasons to change.

-Fourteen years served I feel the effects
Just a street level dealer with no Cartel connects.

-Fourteen years served and the end isn’t near
the punishment for MURDER is just as severe

-There’s plenty of death and plenty to fight
I can end it today with a sheet tied tight

-These are the choices 45, i had to decide
Do i succumb to the dark or reach for the light

-I fought the depression many days i had Woe
I hid in the secret place under His shadow

-Two souls on this earth that i must make amends
my son and my mother I’m dying to kiss

-Only you can help me, You and you alone
help me, have mercy before my mothers called home

-Ill cry out day and night till my face turns blue
And pray that in my persistence i don’t weary you

-So many have changed forgotten amongst us
Use Article II, sec. 2 to combat this injustice

-I love this Great country despite of the system
The “Prerogative of Mercy” was a royal tradition

-Washington used the pardon in 1794
“Humanity and Good Policy”, Hamilton swore

-Adams Pardoned deserters, Lincoln and Andrews as well
Kennedy brought drug dealer out of this hell

-With the faith of a mustard seed you CAN TO !!
I’m deserving of freedom I CAN-DO !!!!!


 Today I stood against the wall crying as another man was given immediate release from the FIRST STEP ACT. In 14 years I've seen it hundreds of times now. I cant continue to pretend I'm happy, I'm not - I'm crushed. There's no parole for federal prisoners nothing can help me. The last administration let 1700 non violent drug offenders like me out but left me behind. I reach to wipe the tears away but there's no water MY SOUL IS BROKEN FOR FREEDOM. I'm like a beaten dog shaking at the shelter, people will make commercials to adopt that dog but there's no second chance for me, a non violent man-your fellow man-your brother ! I'm someone's friend, father, son, President Trump I'm asking for your Mercy and a second chance  RESPECTFULLY Chris Hunter 44200-061
Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.