Alicia Kay Estabrook

Alicia Estabrook – 10839-059
46 yrs old
between washington state and N.D.(Bismarck)
Bismarck N.D. (belourt reservation N.D.)
Bismarck N.D.
Poss. Of A FireARM By A Felon
ACCA min-max 15 YEARS
8 years
Assault 1992 violent, 1991 burglary non violent, 2004 del. of meth non violent traded Meth for POT 50.00 worth (perosn had a wire BOTH were considered serious drug offense and volinet felony…)
a 100 series shot in 2012, a fighting shot in 2015, and a fighintg shot in 2016, a few minor shots for altered clothing, insolence to staff. My last shot was in 2016.
FDC MIAMI (county jail) (dont know why Im here???)
WASEKA (home region) Was TOLD in DECEMBER 2017 I was transferring… I have BEEM TOLD about 7 times by several different staff mmebers and at least 3 times by the WARDEN NOW. It has been requested for waseka??? I have been here Miami over 7 months now.
Thanks AMy let me know… Also, Love the KID

Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.