Felix Walls – LIFE –

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Felix Walls – LIFE –

Name: Felix Walls #02414-112
D.O.B. 01/19/1942
Race: Afro American
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: 9
Grandchildren: 17
State Raised: Arkansas
State Charged: Michigan
Will Live:. Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my daughter ShaLeatha Walls, upon release from federal custody.   The release plan has been submitted and approved by the United States Probation Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
Charge: Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute; Distribute Cocaine and Conspiracy to Launder Monetary Instruments.
Sentence: LIFE
Served to Date: 25 years
Started Sentence on: I’ve been Incarcerated since August of 1994, sentenced to thirty years, won my appeal and was sentenced to life on February 20th 2003.
Prison Conduct: Maintained clear conduct for 25 years
Clemency Status: Denied

Institution: Forrest City, Arkansas
Accomplishments:  EMPLOYABILITY
According to Felix: 
 I’m in very poor health.  I suffer from ???

On June 19, 2017 the Warden and the Director of B.O.P. granted me compassionate release in case # 92-80236. The urgency of the matter and my expectations were short lived, when the Honorable Judge Robert H Cleland, denied my Compassionate Release on February 23rd 2018.

President Obama denied my clemency application and the judge denied my compassionate release.
Sir, I write this letter of peace and blessing to you and your family praying for release pursuant to the Constitutional power vested in you to grant pardon/ clemency.
Honorable sir this will be my third application for clemency.
I filed my first petition over 15 years ago to be a kidney donor for my daughter Shaleatha Walls all to no avail.
Mr. President in 2016 President Obama denied my application advising me to file next year this occurred after I agreed to dismiss all my motions and pleadings. In lure of clemency and/or compassionate release.

President Trump, my plea for help is coming from both  as a fan follower.  Your win afforded me the opportunity to exalt you even more informing all, not only by the grace of God did you win… The spirit of the lord tells me you will go down in history as the greatest President ever.
In the 90s I was in Los Angeles, California, and saw you on two occasions.  Once in a restaurant and the next day you were coming across the street to the Beverly Hills Hilton… You have a presence that commands respect and attention.  You were born to do great things, because you understood, long before anyone else, the importance of “branding” and leaving your signature as a sign of excellence that would make the wealthiest people in the nation want to own property with your name on it.  That’s the sign of a genius.  Your genius has also landed you in the Oval Office and I never dreamed you might one day read my name or know anything about me.  It’s awful that this would be the circumstance, yet by the grace of God, you may be the one man on the planet who can set me free from this extended hell I have been living in for 25 years.
Mr. President continue your great work with God’s blessings and I look forward to meeting you in the future.


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