Felicia Smith – 24 years – Clemency on Jan 19, 2017

Felicia Smith – 24 years – Clemency on Jan 19, 2017

Felicia received clemency on President Obama’s last full day in office – Jan 19, 2017.  

Vice news covered Felicia’s story: 


Please consider giving a donation on Gofundme to Felicia so she can raise the necessary funds to secure and furnish a new apartment so she and her daughter can live together.  

Name: Felicia Smith
DOB: 6-23-1982
Age: 36
Children: 1 daughter
Raised: Louisiana
Tried: Shreveport, Louisiana
Currently living: Shreveport, Louisiana
Charge: Possession with Intent to distribute; Conspiracy to distribute cocaine
Sentence: 24 years, 4 months
Served: 12 years
Clemency status:  Granted on January 19, 2017 by President Obama

Felicia’s story will air on HBO’s Vice news Feb, 6th, 2018 at 7:30 EST.

The CANDO Foundation connected Vice news with several candidates who received clemency on President Obama’s last day.  Vice focused on Felicia and while we are grateful she had this opportunity to share her story, we are concerned about her current situation after she was asked to move out of her apartment.  CANDO launched a fundraiser on GOFUNDME to help Felicia raise funds to secure a new apartment.  CANDO donated $750 in emergency funds to Felicia and hope to meet our goal of $10,000 so Felicia will have the support she needs to succeed.*

*All funds raised will go to Felicia Smith, minus the recovery of our $750 emergency donation – CANDO will not profit from  this fundraiser for Felicia, other than to reimburse CANDO for funds donated.  We are not a re-entry organization but we have big hearts – not one person working for CANDO makes a salary.  Our entire staff works on a 100% volunteer basis.

For more information about Felicia or other clemency recipients please contact the CAN-DO Foundation at 310-699-3357.

Donate to CANDO here. 

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