Connie Farris – 12 year sentence for mail fraud – needs compassionate release

Connie Farris – 12 year sentence for mail fraud – needs compassionate release


Name: Connie Farris
DOB: 1944
Race: White
Marital Status: Married 53 years to Rex Farris
Age: 73 husband, Rex,  74
Children: None
Charges: White Collar Mail Fraud
State Convicted: Nevada
State Released to: California
Sentence: 12 years
Charges: Mail Fraud and Aiding and Abetting; Never convicted on Aiding and Abetting the Court finally removed the A&B in 2015 but did not reduce the sentence. PSR based on Mail Fraud and Aiding & Abetting.
Served: 7 years
Priors: None
Prison Conduct: Excellent, no incident reports, programmed, taught the GOGI program for 4 years.
1. 2018 SPC Dublin Art Show
2. Basic Computer
3. Career Planning
4. Nutrition Class
5. Sociology Battered Women
6. Sociology Domestic Violence
7. RPP6/What I know for Sure
8. 1830 Non ACE Social Studies
9. INTRO into Clay & Pottery
10. RPP3/Money Smart
11. Most Inspirational Mentor GOGI
12. Most Inspirational Personal Certificate GOGI
13. Certificate of Excellence GOGI
14. Resume Writing Class
15. Level 3 PEER Coach in Training- GOGI
16. Positive Decision Making
17. Insight Development & Release Preparation
18. Competition – 1st Class GOGI
19. Budgeting and Investing
20. Self Study – Exploring Asia
21. Self Study – Exploring Australia
22. Self Study – Exploring Europe
23. Self Study – Early Civilizations
24. Recreation Knitting Class
25. Advanced Knitting Class
26. ACE Social Studies Course
27. Sociology Workshops: Basic Human Needs
28. Toastmasters – 5 times
29. Financial Matters w/Suze Orman
30. Good Customer Service Class
31. GOGI – Getting Out By Going IN
32. GOGI – Twelve Tools of GOGI
33. GOGI – How to Teach GOGI
34. GOGI – Most Inspirational Mentor
34. Blackstone Paralegal (31 Subject Courses)
35. VT PowerPoint Computer Course
36. RRP House of Healing
37. County Food Bank
38. Mayo Clinic Wellness
39. 2016 Annual Cancer Awareness Walk

 Connie’s health related issues:

Hypertension, Benign Essential, Chronic pain syndrome, Dematitis/eczema, Knee and Leg Pain, back pain, hyperlipidemia, Pulpal necrosis, Dental caries, Periapical abscess, Knee replacement, Left and Right knees, Nuclear cataract, Hordeolum externum, Blepharitis, Swelling of limb, Renal insufficency, DO of Kidney and Ureter, Ankle, foot-Pain in Joint, Secondary hyperparathyroidsm, Forearm, contusion, Neoplasm bone, soft tissue, and skin, Disorder of eyelid, Edema, Vitamin D. Deficiency, steroid injection or surgical removal of chalazion, heart stent, right, post polio syndrome.

Connie’s story:

Connie with husband Rex at 40th wedding anniversary

Connie had polio as a young child but it only affected her lower right leg, primarily her right foot. She has to wear a brace to keep her foot in place because there is little support otherwise.  After a number of years, it got so bad she went to a surgeon in Las Vegas who recommended a knee replacement. The first surgery  was performed in January 2004.  After that surgery, the receiver cancelled her and her husband’s health insurance.

Even though the insurance paid for the surgery, they would not pay for rehab. Because of their ages Connie and Rex were not insurable and both had health problems.  With no insurance, Connie did not go to the doctor. It wasn’t until she and Rex became eligible for SS Disability that she could finally see a doctor, which was over 3 years after the initial surgery.

Two weeks after seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon in January of 2007, a surgeon had to do a reconstruction of the initial surgery from Las Vegas to re-align the lower implant which was causing the pain in her knee. A 3rd was done in May of 2009 on her right knee from all the damage from carrying the majority of her weight on her right leg for years from the constant pain in her left knee.  In addition, Connie had to have bypass surgery for a blocked artery which was causing high blood pressure and preventing this same surgery to be performed for over 6 months.  Surgery was performed 2 weeks before her scheduled trial on June 1, 2009.

The 4th and final surgery was a re-construction of the left knee to replace the upper implant but was not allowed until after her sentencing even though she was suffering from intense pain. That surgery came a month after her sentence in April 2011, 3 months before her scheduled incarceration on July 15, 2011.

Today, Connie suffers constant pain in her legs and knees from the surgeries, and especially from the lack of rehab. She was not allowed her medication for the pain from the recent surgery, other than normal Tylenol. She uses a walker to get around, and has Chronic Kidney Disease, which was diagnosed 3 months after her incarceration in 2011 and nothing has been done about that condition since. Her poor medical condition is accelerating from not only her inability to get proper health care, but her age of 73.

A true love story, Rex and Connie are soul mates and feel lost without the company of one another.

Connie’s husband, Rex, has Muscular Dystrophy and needs her care also: 

Although I would have preferred that Connie never be put into this position, “allowing” her the time to gain this talent, drawing the attached images will give you an idea of how good she’s gotten. I’ve had a letter from her for every week for 6 years except the first couple of weeks. That’s over 300 letters, but she didn’t start doing this for a couple months, and then it was just drawing hearts, then butterflies, flowers, etc., etc., and she’s gotten pretty good at it. All were drawn on the back of the envelopes she sent me. Some may show smudges from the processes through the PO system, but I hope you like them. I’m very proud of what she’s accomplished. She certainly had enough time. Enjoy. Read Rex’s medical condition and story and why he needs Connie as his primary and only caretaker.

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